Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.


We’re all about building genuine connections through content and long-term, sustainable relationships that last.
We study all propositions and welcome collaborations through commissions, partnerships and investment.

We develop innovative,
original IP and produce the resulting commissioned projects.

We’re looking for commissioners and partners for pre-buys, both domestic and international. We seek members to invest in our developed projects to take into production for linear and streaming platforms. We’re associated with global giants in the industry who trust The Foundry and our content. As producers, we leverage our storytelling expertise, tight production and audience insights to end-to-end deliver content that platforms demand.

We welcome collaborations of our developed content with global partners.

Our IPs are exportable. The Foundry will work with international co-production partners for multiple projects from our development slate. We’ve adapted to the globalization of the intellectual property market by creating content that can travel anywhere in the world and, conversely, compete with the world’s best.

We’ll produce and co-produce our original transnational series, podcasts and feature films based on our underlying IP.

We’ll partner in the localization of international projects.

We’ll collaborate with global partners to adapt their shows and films. Making IP travel along the local-global-local route is the way to transform local shows into super-formats. We’ll engage its adaptation, ensure its exploitation and protection, into other mediums.

We invite investment in our content studio. We welcome Slate Financing partners, Investors in our verticals, and Financers providing direct capital.

The Foundry’s IPs will continue growing the value of the company and the impact we’re making by expanding our business reach globally. From a scalability perspective, we push our content across multiple business lines to accelerate our inbound revenue. Bursting with content that’s advantageously built in-house, and by constantly churning new content into development, we’re uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growth opportunities and offer investors a long-term outlook.