Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.


The Foundry is a prolific next-gen IP developer and production studio pushing premium content across genres and formats for linear and digital platforms. We work with Streamers, Broadcasters, Commissioner, Co-producers and Financers that fund the production of our original IPs which resonate with audiences worldwide. We end-to-end deliver feature films, original series, and podcasts.

The Foundry is invested in content, with a deep bench of genres and formats, piled high on the vertical with numerous franchisable and globally adaptable formats.

We develop all creative assets in-house. We’re well-stocked with diverse, innovative content for broad audiences or niche demographics. We’ve developed a bank of relevant, smart content and are ready to disperse them. Part of our strategy is to provide content that empowers platforms to reach their target groups.

The Foundry produces content at a variety of price points.

Good content is always in demand. The creation of content is moving at a record-breaking pace and markets are consuming it faster than ever.

Our creative IP furnace is constantly blasting to replace the productive output taken up by commissions.

Our strategy is future-proof. We continue to develop effective and authentically engaging content while driving new opportunities in music videos, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive media and gamified content.